Comparison with Silicone Rubber Hose
• Hygienic Clean Ability - much better, due to highly polished inner surface finish.
• Chemical Resistance - considerable improved, particularly to strong oxidizing acids and bases.
• Temperature & Pressure Ratings - much higher temperature and pressure capability.
• Steam Resistance - permanently resistant to steam sterilizing (unlike silicone hose, which has a limited life).
Comparison with Convoluted PTFE Hose
• Hygienic Clean Ability - vastly improved, due to smooth bore and hygienically polished inner surface.
• Flow Rates - more than 100% higher.
• Pressure Rates - more than 50% higher.
• Gas Permeation Resistance - more than 150% higher.
• Flex Life at Temperature and Pressure - more than 50 times the life, dependent upon conditions.


  Smooth Inner Bore System
Material of Construction
  PTFE lined hose
Pump Tubing/Pump Life (hrs)
  No - N/A
Size Range ID (in.)
  0.375" up to 2"
Maximum Operating Temp.
  200°F (93°C) - PDCF 275°F (135°C)
USP Class VI Approval
Hose Design Options
  Natural or anti-static PTFE, stainless steel braid, with or without an EPDM or silicone rubber cover, or polypropylene, PVDF or hastelloy braid.
End Fitting Options
  ASA150 or DIN flanges, Sanitary Triclamps (Triclovers), Camlocks, DIN11851, RJT, RJP and SMS fittings, BSPT or NPT fixed males, BSP or NPSM females, JIC, I-Line and may other standard and special fitting designs.
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