Hose Types, Designs & Approvals

Over the years, Corroflon hose and end fittings have been continuously developed and improved to maintain market leadership, and design features which have been identified as prime requirements have been incorporated at every stage.

These include the thickest wall and the best processed tube lining available, to prevent the development of porosity in the PTFE, which is the primary cause of premature failure in competitors' products.

Corroflon is also fully kink resistant and vacuum resistant due to the tight helical wire reinforcement and the convoluted design profile.

The build quality and design excellence of Corroflon hose have been tested and proved in numerous applications worldwide, and hundreds of thousands of Corroflon hoses have been applied and used successfully over the last 30 years.

Advantages over Conventional Hose

  • Internally "wetted" parts are all PTFE, protecting the end fitting from any corrosive fluids.
  • No bore restriction, so fluid flow through the fitting is clean, without entrapment zones.
  • Corroflon will give better clean ability and drain ability than other convoluted PTFE hose on the market.
  • Corroflon is the only PTFE lined convoluted hose on the market to be fully kink and vacuum resistant at high pressures and temperatures.
  • Aflex is the only PTFE hose manufacturer to guarantee a minimum PTFE liner thickness of 1.5mm for hose sizes 1" and above. Which ensures sufficient strength to prevent the tube from being internally pressurized from a sine wave shape into an extended square wave shape. which would lead to porosity and eventually premature failure of the tube.


  Convoluted, Reinforced PTFE Lined Hose
Material of Construction
  PTFE lined hose
Size Range ID (in.)
  0.500" up to 6"
Maximum Operating Temp. (internal fluid)
  SS Braid -95°F to - +445°F, PB Braid -22°F through +212°F
Pressure vs Temperature
  PAll sized of Corroflon, up to 2" bore are usable at full vacuum up to 265°F. At higher temperatures, the vacuum resistance should be reduced 1% for every degree above 265°F. For sizes above 2" bore, the vacuum resistance depends on the bend radius used. In general, for sizes above 2" when high/full vacuum resistance is required, use SP grade.
USP Class VI Approval
Hose Design Options
  Natural or anti-static PTFE, stainless steel braid, with or without an EPDM or silicone rubber cover or polypropylene, PVDF or hastelloy braid.
End Fitting Options
  SASA 150 or DIN flanges, Sanitary Triclamps (Triclover), Camlocks, DIN 11851, RJT, SMS, RJP fittings, BSPT or NPT fixed males, BSP or NPSM females, JIC, I-Line and many others standard and special fitting designs.
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