Hose types, Designs & Approvals

Pharmalex GP has a PTFE hose liner tube, manufactured from PTFE material in accordance with FDA requirement 12 CFR177.1550

An anti-static PTFE option is also available, Pharmalex AS, using liner material in accordance with the FDA requirement 21 CFR178.3297

Both Pharmalex GP and Pharmalex AS have been tested and the PTFE liners comply with USP Class VI, including the Elution (Cytotoxicity) test.

Advantages over Conventional Hose

  • Pharmalex can be used to replace silicone rubber hoses and tubing, particularly where the much better chemical resistance and ease of cleaning of the PTFE hose liner is an advantage.
  • Unlike silicone rubber lied hoses and tubing, Pharmalex can be steam sterilized any number of times, without degradation of the hose liner.
  • Pharmalex can used to replace conventional smoothbore PTFE lined hoses in applications where the much better flexibility of Pharmalex is an advantage.
  • Pharmalex can be used in low pressure, light duty applications in place of more expensive reinforced PTFE and Silicone hose designs.


  Smooth Inner Bore System
Material of Construction
  PTFE lined hose
Size Range ID (in.)
  0.250" up to 1 "
Maximum Operating Temp.
  -80°F (-60°C) to - +400°F (+200°C)
Pressure vs Temperature
  Pressure ratings are as listed up to 266°F (130°C), then reducing at 1% per 1.8°F (1°C) up to 400°F (200°C).
USP Class VI Approval
Hose Design Options
  Natural or anti-static PTFE, stainless steel braid, with or without an EPDM or silicone rubber cover, or polypropylene, PVDF or hastelloy braid.
End Fitting Options
  Sanitary and Mini Sanitary Triclamp (Triclover) fittings in 316SS, with polished to <15u in ( <0.375um).
I-Line fittings
Compression fittings
BSPT and NPT fixed male pipe fittings
Flanges, Camlocks, DIN 11851, RJT, SMS, RJP and others to special order
Identification Options
  Silicone encapsulated color coding, and/or test information to suit customers requirements
'FlowTag' RFID chip, programmed to suit customer requirements.
Unique serial numbers and other information for each hose, stamped on ferrules or SS tags, to give total trace ability.
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