Filtration Group's award winning GeoPleat® combines advanced pleating technology and durable performance in a high impact plastic frame for a variety of applications.

The GeoPleat® filter utilizes a thermal embossing pleating and glue media separation technique, creating a three-dimensional pleat in the media. the patented method of pleating and spacing allows the air stream t gently transition into the media distributing the air evenly throughout the depth of the media.

The GeoPleat® comes as a box of single header frame with three media choices - MERV 11, MERV 13, and MERV 14. This filter can be used in many standard applications as well as harsher and demanding environments even where moisture is present. The GeoPleat® contains no metal components so it eliminates corrosion and is completely incinerable.
Additionally the GeoPleat is a sustainable component for a LEED/Green Building Initiative and exceeds the requirement of a MERV 13 filter.
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GeoPleat® Literature

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