Smooth Bore Flexible Hose

FlexPro™ delivers maximum flexibility and best-in-class performance in the most demanding process environments. FlexPro™ is the only hose on the market that delivers the flexibility you desire and the smooth inner bore you demand - flexible enough to accommodate the tightest installations with an extremely, smooth Chemfluor® PTFE inner tube surface.

Features / Benefits:
• Precisely engineered for true smooth bore ID with convoluted hose flexibility
• Extremely smooth ID surface for unimpeded flow with no particle entrapment
• Reduced force to bend for easy handling
• Reduced minimum bend radius for versatile flexible connections
• Choice of platinum-cured silicone or EPDM cover, with color options to prevent cross contamination
• SaniSeal™ tracking system for accurate traceability
• High pressure rating for resilient performance
• Sterilizable for high purity
• Steamable for low TOCs and extractables
• Autoclavable to meet the highest sanitary standards
• Full vacuum rating for critical applications
• Chemfluor® PTFE fluoropolymer liner imparts no taste or odor
• Highly chemical resistant to handle the most aggressive materials

• Patent pending
Typical Applications:
• Skid transfer
• Pumping station/portable pumps
• Vessel or tank transfer
• Transfer lines
• Rail car loading and unloading

• WFI use point drops
• Clean steam drops
• Isolation from tanks on load cells
• Bioreactors process
• Bioreactors utility
• Process UF and chromo skids
• CIP skids
• Portable skids
• Finish fill process
• Finish fill SIP
• Rotary filling machines
• Fermentation transfer vessels
• Steam applications
• Food and beverage sanitary transfers


Material of Construction
  Platinum-cured silicone or EPDM
Pump Tubing/Pump Life (hrs)
  No - N/A
Size Range ID (in.)
  1.125 & 1.375
Maximum Operating Temp.
  450°F (232°C)
  Translucent Silicone / EPDM standard gray
General Product Features
  Stainless steel reinforced braid,
Typical Applications
  Pump stations, transfer lines, filling machines
Autoclave Sterilization
Gamma Sterilization
EtO Sterilization
Molded Version
Sterile Weldable & Sealable
USP Class VI Approval
Validation Guide
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