Sani-Pro® High-Purity Rigid Piping and Components

Sani-Tech® offers a complete line of high-purity, nonmetallic sanitary processing systems and related components, including tubing and fittings, valves, flow measurement components and sight gauges, and sanitary adapters, as well as fabrication equipment for field installation and small-scale bench-top systems for research and process development. These products are manufactured with polypropylene and Kynar® PVDF - performance proven materials that meet and or surpass FDA and USP standards and regulations. Thermoplastic materials have been shown to be less susceptible to bio-film growth than stainless steel, which exhibits a much higher rate of ion contamination.

Sani-Tech® high-purity piping systems are easier to install and maintain than stainless steel systems, and are designed to fully integrate with other Sani-Tech® products including sanitary gooseneck faucets; flexible platinum-cured, reinforced silicone, rubber and fluoropolymer-lined hose assemblies; sanitary nonmetallic tanks and bioprocess vessels; and silicone and Tygon® tubing.
Thermoplastic systems like Sani-Tech® require no boroscoping, passivation, or derouging. Sani-Tech systems also eliminate the need for routine shut-down and sanitation cycles.
Most components are reusable and reconfigurable. Complete process control is gained through simplicity of design and consistency of contact surface, as well as uniformity of flow criteria within all flexible and rigid products.

System components include:


  Sani-Pro® T Polypropylene Tubing
  Sani-Pro® K PVDF Tubing


  Sanitary reducers
  End caps
  Sanitary true union clamps


  Diaphragm valves
  Ball valves
  Pressure relief valves
  Zero dead-leg valves
  Pressure regulators
  Ball check valves

Flow measurement components

  Gauge guards
  Flow meters

Gooseneck faucets

Sanitary adapters

  ANSI flange adapters
  Pipe thread adapters
  Hose barb adapters

Sight gauges

Micro tubing and components

Fabrication equipment

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Sani-Tech®/Sani-Pro® High-Purity Piping and Components
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